August 21, 2017
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DJ assaulted and arrested by security following festival set

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Russian DJ and producer DJ Inga Mauer has been reportedly assaulted and arrested by security at Finland’s Flow Festival over the weekend, with no official reason being given by security or local police for the incident.

As Resident Advisor reports, Inga Mauer had performed a set at the Helsinki festival on Saturday, which also featured acts such as Flume, The xx, and Lana Del Rey. Only a couple of hours after her set, Mauer was involved in an altercation with event security which saw her allegedly beat up, before being arrested by local law enforcement.

Marie Davidson, who had performed with Inga Mauer that night, took to Facebook to explain the events that had transpired. “I witnessed a bunch of security guys hold a girl on the ground while she was screaming,” she wrote. “As I approached to try to help, I found out that this girl was actually my friend Inga Mauer, an artist who had played a killer set only two hours before. She said they violently dragged her out of the festival area because she refused to leave right away. I tried to interfere and explain that I knew her and that I wanted to help her calm down because she was extremely confused and scared. As a result, we got both put aside, in a corner, isolated from the rest of the crowd.”

“Two security guys took me by the arms and threw me out in the street out of the festival zone. I told them I needed to at least be in touch with someone because I had no internet, no driver and no taxis were taking people to any place at this hour. They laughed and said ‘go figure it out’ and then closed the fence, leaving me in a totally unknown place without any way of reaching out for help. I had to ask strangers in the street to help me find a taxi to my hotel. About an hour after, I was back to my room, learning that my friend would spend the night in jail, to be released in the morning.”

Futura Artists, Mauer’s booking agency, also took to Facebook to try and make sense of the event, clarifying that she was “brutally beaten up by the security team at Flow Festival Helsinki”.

Flow Festival have since released a statement to FACT, stating how they too were unaware of why Mauer was assaulted and arrested, claiming that their once-trusted security company had “failed to do their job”.

“As festival organizers, we take responsibility of this incident and will make sure everything will be investigated and taken care of properly,” Flow Festival said. “Serious discussions are underway with our lawyers and the subcontractor Local Crew Oy that was responsible for Flow Festival’s 2017 security. Compensation for the victims must follow and something similar can never ever happen again. The security company has been a trusted subcontractor for many years but now they have failed to do their job in the right manner.”

No further details have emerged as yet, and Inga Mauer has not spoken publicly about the incident at this time.

UPDATE: Inga Mauer has since spoken out about the event, taking to Facebook to share her side of the story. Her post can be read below.

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