April 17, 2015
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Deadmau5 calls out Krewella for not plugging in their set

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Krewella played a huge set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami over the weekend. Their set was streamed live, as they blasted the fans with huge tracks which included a live drummer & guitarist. Since dropping Rainman, the Yousaf sisters have returned back to their punk rock roots, which some may argue was a bad thing… however losing rainman was definitely not a good thing.

After the event streamed live, Deadmau5 took to twitter calling out the Yousaf Sisters for using a pre recorded set. Screenshots of the Krewella set flooded the internet showing Krewella’s CDJ’s not pluggin in.  Krewella of course, snapped back defending themselves by saying they were in fact using a USB which was plugged into the mixer.


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