July 3, 2017
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FRAGMA (Germany)
DJ SAMMY (Spain)
ALICE DJ (The Netherlands)
PANDORA (Sweden)
666 (Germany)
NICK SKITZ (Australia)
Plus Wild DJs..

In Brief:
The biggest Australian Club brand and Multi Platinum selling CD series ‘WILD’ is back and going on tour across Australia.

The ultimate Wild Tour will feature 6 of the world’s biggest dance superstars live on stage including: FRAGMA, DJ SAMMY, ALICE DJ, PANDORA, 666 AND NICK SKITZ will perform all their hits live.  Get taken on a nostalgic journey through the biggest dance anthems to hit the ‘Wild Radio’ air waves and played in clubs around Australia and around the world.

The ‘Ultimate Wild tour’ will be bringing back all the original DJs, music, and memories for one night only across Australia.

Stay tuned for the Wild CD Tour release coming soon via Central Station Records.

Fragma: ‘Toca’s Miracle’ Top 10 in Aus, ‘Everytime You Need Me’ Top 20 in Aus, ‘Say That You’re Here’ & ‘You Are Alive’ Top 40 in Aus

Fragma, or the Fragma Project are a German dance project.  Founded in 1998 by brothers Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, they produced their first single ‘Toca Me’ with experienced record producer, Ramon Zenker.  When it was released the following year, it topped several dance charts around the world and reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart.


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DJ Sammy: ‘Heaven’ Top 5 in Aus (Platinum), ‘Boys of Summer’ Top 10 in Aus (Gold), ‘Why’ Top 30 in Aus, ‘Sunlight’ Top 40 in Aus

His presence is positive and his vibe is cool.  He is Spain’s most popular DJ/Producer and he goes by the name of DJ Sammy, a veteran of electronic dance music with a degree in music technology and 30 years of hard work to prove it.  Sammy has spent years fine-tuning his music winning formula in the only way he knows how, by jet-setting around the globe and feeling the vibe at some of the most prestigious venues in the world dispensing musical epiphanies wherever he plays.

A native of Mallorca, Spain, he always knows how to harness the sun, beach and the sea in order to get the most out of his audiences and Sammy’s evolving appreciation of the “feel good factor” has brought him success globally.  Quote “When I put on a record and it is so pure and real that it touches my soul, while the audience is on the dance floor feeling the same emotions as I do.   This is a “wicked” feeling, man! Music is my life and I will not stop this spiritual journey.” This openness Sammy credits to the warm and open life of Mallorca, Spain.

His worldwide breakthrough was in 2001 when DJ Sammy begun to put his own name to his work.  The single ‘Heaven’ helped DJ Sammy achieve massive success in Europe and Australia with 2 million records sold, then came to the U.S where ‘Heaven’ reached No. 2 in U.S. Billboards HOT 100 before going to the UK in 2002 and hitting No.1. ‘Heaven is magic’ again in 2007 goes into the UK charts, this prove that it will be never forgotten and Sammy followed up ‘Heaven’ with ‘The Boys of Summer’, which shot to #2 on the UK charts.

Also a Huge thank you to the success of the international productions of DJ Sammy – some of the most famous rock/pop latino & Spanish artists are now on the electronic music bandwagon & have benefited from Sammy’s productions.  These artists have now turned to Sammy for the golden touch in music production.  David Bisbal, Marta Sanchez, Chenoa and others.  In less than 2 weeks these artists have reached the highest chart positions in the Latin & Spanish music world and in recognition of the their work have received gold discs, all thanks to the musical production wizard that is DJ Sammy.

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Alice DJ: ‘Better Off Alone’ Top 5 in Aus (Gold), ‘Back in My Life’ Top 20 in Aus

It all started in 1999, when a group of Dutch young deejays and talented producers saw their free collaboration culminate into a project selling over one million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.  The controversially titled album ‘Who Needs Guitars Anyway?’ spawned no less than 5 international hits: Will I Ever (UK #7), The Lonely One (UK #16), Back in my Life (UK #4), Celebrate our Love (UK #17) and Better Off Alone (UK #2).  Other countries where Alice Deejay crushed the charts were Germany, France, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Canada.  In 2002 the energetic front woman Judy and the ‘behind the scene’ members of the group decided to call it quits.  The hits of Alice DJ though, never stopped being air and clubplay favorites.  Then, in 2013 something was in the air, Shakira called.  She was working on her new album and wanted to record a new version ‘Better off Alone.’ No less than one month later; David Guetta on the phone, who just finished recording ‘Play Hard’ with Ne-Yo and Akon, requesting permission to include the ‘killer hook’ from ‘Better Off Alone.’ Resulting in another worldwide smash for David and renewed attention for Alice DJ.  Alice DJ is back in business with a new voice and face, Amsterdam DJ and singer Ilona, managed by the founding fathers of the group, so it’s all in the family.  Featuring the original Alice DJ hit singles and with powerful medleys and live mash-ups celebrating the best dance hits of the 90’s and 00’s.

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Pandora: ‘A Little Bit’ Top 10 in Aus, ‘Smile N Shine’ Top 20 in Aus

Anneli Pandora Magnusson was born in Västerås and grew up in a tiny place in the forest named Björkbacken in the county of Västmanland.  In 1993 Pandora hade a huge break through, in Sweden as well as the rest of the world, with her first single, ‘Trust Me,’ which became a monster hit and ended up being the most sold single in Sweden that year.  This was the kickstart of an international career and she started adding one hit single to another.  Radio, dance and top selling charts were all invaded by songs like ‘One of us,’ ‘Tell the world,’ ‘Don’t you know,’ ‘A little bit,’ ‘Come on and do it,’ ‘Don’t worry,’ ‘Smile n’ shine,’ ‘This could be heaven’ and the official German song for the Winter Olympics in Nagano 1998, ‘Let your spirit fly’ and last the Russian song ‘Why-Magistral’ where she sings partly in Russian just to mention a few of the hits from her voluminous song catalogue.

Up until today Pandora has released 12 albums, 25 hit singles, selling more than 6 million records, receiving 19 gold and platinum awards, recording 13 music videos and performed more than 1000 times all over the world.  This makes Pandora a “pioneer of her genre” and one of Sweden’s most successful and famous artists, in her own country as well as abroad. Pandora was eurodance already before the genre got its name.

Pandora is the Techno Queen who, as time has gone by, has broadend her repertoir and is one of few artists that year after year does her own shows with only her own songs.  Except for Sweden and Finland, she has also performed and toured in Japan, Korea, China, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Russia.  Nowadays Pandora is just as often booked for festivals and company events as for nightclubs and sometimes churches. 2010 she made a successful show with Finnish Riku Niemi Orchestra performing her dance hits beautifully arranged by Riku for his orchestra.

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666: 6 Charts Hits in Germany and Austria, 2 Number 1 Hits (7″ AMOKK & LP PARADOXX), 1 Double Platinum LP ‘PARADOXX’ in Korea,
5 TOP 10 Hits in Scandinavia (4 Gold & 1 Platinum), 4 TOP 20 Hits in France (2 Gold & 2 Silver)

No doubt, the image and the name have been helpful in the success of 666, but in the long run it was the music which made the fans go crazy.  It’s a dance sound which had never been heard before, a bit harder than others and even a few steps back to the early techno sound, which was supposed to be dead.  In addition to the singer’s voice going right through you and the musical gimmicks, making up the typical 666 sound, which was soon to be copied by many other producers.  Since 1997 the group has established themselves in the dance music scene, despite their look and their name.  In addition to the above charts: 5 TOP 40 Hits in the EURO-CHARTS, 2 TOP 40 Hits in UK (18 D.E.V.I.L & 30 Alarma), 112 weeks in the Canadian Sales Charts with the Hit – Single ‘PARADOXX.’

They received several GOLD and PLATINUM records all over the world: Spain, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Canada, Australia Russia, Tschech Rep., Portugal, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Argentinia and in nearly all Far-East territories like Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore !!

The performing members of 666 always have a full tour schedule and they are strongly established in the music business.  The men behind the scenes of 666 are:
Thomas Detert and Mike Griesheimer.  They definitely discovered the sound of the future when they started up 666 in 1997.
2010 was a massive return for 666 with their new single ‘Whoomp! (suap.dupa.fly)’ they have teamed up with the Tag Team and they are already rocking the entire club world with their new smash hit.

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Nick Skitz: ‘Excalibur’ #1 ARIA Singles Chart (Platinum in Aus), ‘The Ultimate’ Top 5 UK Dance Chart, SKITZMIX series (Highest selling DJ compilation series in Australia), ‘Slave To The Music,’ ‘Run To Paradise,’ & ‘I Want Your Love’ all were Top 20 in the ARIA Chart.

During the early 90’s, Nick Skitz began a phenomenal career and through sheer hard work and an unquestioned amount of talent, Nick has become one of Australia’s most recognized and sought after DJ \ Remixer \ Producers.  Nick Skitz has undoubtedly created an era of Hi Nrg, Techno and Euro Dance music in Australia.  His trademark remixes, megamixes and his own tracks have made Nick a household name amongst club goers.  Nick’s acute ear for music has also seen him become a specialist in audio mastering working with the likes of international record companies, DJ remix services and also mastering dance compilations such as ‘Ministry of Sound’ & ‘Wild’ compilations.

Nick who is both known for his skills on the decks as much as for his talents in the studio is one of Australia’s greatest dance exports.  Following his success with his own track ‘The Ultimate’ which reached Number #2 on the official U.K. Dance Chart, Nick opened a gateway to Europe for his addictive club sounds.  Nick is also credited with starting the megamix craze in Australia and has compiled & mixed numerous DJ mix albums to his name, including the successful and renowned ‘Skitzmix’ series, which is the highest selling DJ compilation in Australia and always tops the ARIA Compilation Chart upon release.  Nick has had an array of successful singles which have reached Top 20 on the ARIA Charts including ‘Slave To The Music,’ ‘Run To Paradise,’ ‘I Want Your Love’ & ‘Excalibur’ which gained Platinum status.  Nick’s tracks have proven to be popular across Europe, Asia and North America which is why he is in demand DJ’ing regularly around Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

When asked about the scene and his success he humbly shies away from the public eye of the music industry, Nick points out that his passion for playing live and watching a packed dance floor of happy clubgoers enjoying themselves is his motivation.  Nick is also a firm believer in listening to the comments of his fans and the kids that buy his tracks over the hyper critical media because they are the ones who matter most to him and judging by his growing fan base Nick seems to be doing everything just right.  Nick has definitely paved the way for newcomers following his lead and is constantly on a creative whirlwind creating the sounds for the future for us all to enjoy.

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The Ultimate Wild Tour Dates:

Friday 17 November – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
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Saturday 18 November – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
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Thursday 23 November – Trak Lounge, Melbourne
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Friday 24 November – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
But Tickets:
Saturday 25 November – Metro City, Perth
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Pre-Sale Tickets: Tuesday 20th June 9am (Local Time)
General On-Sale Tickets: Thursday 22nd June 9am (Local Time)

Artist Press Kit Link: http://bit.ly/2sWuuGS

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SUPRMODE — Mike Wit feat. Carla Jam - Seasons Call Me (Sj Remix Radio Edit) MMXVAC — Golden Child - Afterlife ft. Tali Koni - Save Us Djuro - Drop That Bass (Original Mix) Uberjak'd - Whistle Bounce Good Days TRIN DENM - Green (CRVE U Remix) Porter Robinson and Madeon - Shelter (YULTRON Remix)