December 19, 2016
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How hard-partying celebs and DJs do New Year’s twice

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FOR hard-partying celebrities, one New Year’s Eve party isn’t enough. They’re jetting on private planes from Down Under to the US to mark it twice.

And some DJs are getting two slices of the lucrative party market — playing shows in Australia, then flying straight to Los Angeles or Las Vegas to perform there, commanding double what they’re paid usually, an industry source said.

Australian DJ Generik — aka Tyson O’Brien — is playing at the Falls Festival in Lorne then will travel to Las Vegas, where he will open for This Is What You Came For DJ Calvin Harris at Omnia nightclub on December 31.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Entourage star Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haas and Jamie Foxx famously celebrated New Year’s in Sydney … then jetted to Las Vegas to ring in 2013 again.


DJ Generik — aka Tyson O’Brien — is doing back-to-back New Year’s parties in 2016-17, which includes a show in Lorne and Las Vegas on December 31.

“I’m playing at Falls and then we go straight from there to the airport, on the 9am flight to LA,”

West Hollywood-based O’Brien said.

It, of course, doesn’t end there. “Land in LA at about 6am, have a snooze, get changed, and we fly to Vegas,” he said.

O’Brien will play at Omnia nightclub inside the five-star Caesars Palace to a sold-out audience of about 5000 club-goers, with Calvin Harris as the headline act.

“I play in Vegas at 10.30pm — I’ll be done by 11.30pm and then Calvin (Harris) jumps on,” O’Brien said.

“He does the New Year’s (countdown) and finishes at 1.30am. And then after that, who knows what’s going to go on in the hotel room? It’s New Year’s and it’s Vegas. It could get pretty wild.

“We’re basically going to LA for 31 hours and it’s going to take about 29 hours in travel time back and forth (between Australia and the US). It’s absolutely crazy.”

And while an epic party is almost enough to lure O’Brien, the mammoth payday is a major bonus.

“New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are probably the biggest nights for a DJ possible in terms of money,” O’Brien — who is backed by LA-based mega agency William Morris Endeavor — said.


Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? O’Brien plans to join the party from the DJ booth once Harris takes over for a two-hour set.

“You get to be in the DJ booth. The tequila’s flying and lots of friends are coming in. It could be an extremely funny evening,” O’Brien said.

So what happens after that? Drake, hopefully.

“It depends if he (Harris) wants to go out, we’ll go out. Who knows what’s going to happen?

“There’s a few hotel parties going on in the suites.

“I know Drake is in town — he’s playing at Hakkasan that night. Last time Drake was in town he had a room party. Anything could happen — that’s the moral of this trip we’re doing. It is Las Vegas and it is New Year’s Eve.”

You used to call me on my cell phone, Drake. Picture: AFP

“There’s rich guys popping bottles, spending a lot of money — in the millions of dollars — on alcohol. The girls are around them.

“And then you’ve got us guys sitting in the back, having a laugh, looking at all of it,” O’Brien said.

“Everyone is going really hard and we see it all in front of us.

“There’s always a girl holding her stilettos and guys smoking cigars, the gambling, people sleeping in hotel room corridors. I’ve had to walk over a few passed-out people to get to my room.”

So would O’Brien ever consider an early night on New Year’s? It’s unlikely.

“I’m pretty used to not sleeping,” he laughed.

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