April 17, 2015
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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris now dating: caught wearing matching khaki and black ensembles.

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calvin harris and taylor swift

Calvin Harris went from outright rejecting Taylor Swift to embracing her, and several friends tell us, there’s a business side to his change of heart. Calvin and Taylor are now full-on dating, but just months ago he said he would left swipe her on Tinder because she’s “the opposite of my type.”

So why suddenly the change of heart? Sources who are prominent in the DJ world say Calvin got to know Taylor through the Haim sisters, Taylor’s best friends. Calvin and Haim have a hit song, “Pray to God,” that was released earlier this month. He got to know her and liked her.

According to Heatworld, Calvin flew Taylor 2,524 via private jet to watch him play at MGM Grand nightclub, Hakkasan. A source has confirmed the news, Calvin actually PAID for the whole trip: “Calvin actually chartered the jet to fly Taylor and her mates over to see him in Las Vegas. Ellie, Selena and Haim all joined her for the trip and they had a great time.”

Taylor and Calvin were then spotted coming out of Whole Foods in Nashville on Wednesday night, wearing matching khaki and black ensembles. You know, in case you guys had any doubts about whether couples who dress together actually do stay together.


It is known by many that Calvin is one of the best businessman among DJs and knows what comes with dating the biggest pop star in the world.  Although Calvin Harris has developed feelings for Taylor Swift, sources say he’s focused on success and plans to keep his personal life and business separated.
When it comes to celebrities these days, dating is a business. In Taylor Swifts case, she’ll date someone, write a song or two with or about them, then release a break up song when the relationship is over. SO what a better way to enter the EDM Realm by dating one of the biggest Producers in the industry. So here’s our forecast: Calvin and Taylor will date and release one or two songs together, make it a smashing hit before breaking up and moving on to bigger things. Of course, Taylor will have to get back at Calvin some how, so she’ll be looking for a DJ/ Producer rebound to make a new collaboration.. like Hardwell for example,  this way she can stay in the world of EDM by releasing her EDM themed break-up track.



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